I Created a Motivational Book for a Friend



I Don’t Care What Mermaids Want They Better Stay Away From Mah Man!


I lured met with the mermaid in a public park, we had a heated discussion lovely chat that ended with her in pieces agreeing that it was her best if she date mermen.  She was quite lovely.  I haven’t seen her since.






Alessandra is basically 20. Shes the version of 20, you wished you were but you were more interested in rollerblading, climbing trees and swimming in creeks, now your like 30 and OK with wearing sweatpants, feeding your cat and drinking cheap wine out of the bottle… ok fine, out of the cask, featuring bad artwork and a less pretentious description on the back. Stuff Alessandra and her braids, stilletos and clothes stealing ways. You’re rockin the sweatpants and your cat loves you. #badartwork #stuffalessandra #yellowglen #pretentiousstyleseries #weirdlyspecificlabelling #sellwinethatsaysfor30somethingstodrinkaloneintheirapartmentswiththeircatswhodontjudgethemfordrinkingoutofthebottlewithastrawmostnightsiftheweek #ithinkijustnailedwinelabelling

My Speech

black and white hands

Ahem im so honoured to be able to lend my hands to this amazing cause, I have a dream that one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind will launch us into space the final frontier and also that’s why children in schools should have maps. #ihaveadream #oneleapformankind #spacethefinalfrontier #mapspeople

Pose for the Promo Pics

colour hands

I think this will be my pose for the promo pics if I help a charity with my handprints one day or if I get a handprint in the sidewalk in lalawood. #changedaflattyre #winningatlife #likeaboss #therewillbecake #justchangedmytyre #jazzhands #likeaboss #iearnedthechocolatecakewineandchipsiwillnowbuy #iftherockwashereiwouldhaveplayeddumb