Would You Rather be a Ninja or an Assassin

So this is the serious topic of discussion that my husband and I are seriously debating.  I mean honestly which would you rather be?  I choose Ninja and am shocked when my Hubzand chooses Assassin.  I mean hello a Ninja can’t be married to an Assassin.  What was he thinking!  So began our debate.

He argues that Assassins have cool weapons, I argue that throwing stars rock and the Ninja’s body is the ultimate weapon.  Who needs a gun when you can do a one inch punch like Bruce Lee?  He counters with ‘Ninjas have clans’ – obligation and family honour etc.  Assassins are in it for themselves.  I argue that Ninjas have clans, family, a sense of honour and belonging, their efforts rewarded with rank and integrity.

He makes some kind of snorting disapproving noise, lets call it a snort of derision and replies, ‘You just can’t go past Leon the professional, he’s cooler than any Ninja’.  Yeah that’s what he said.  So I take a deep breath, I mean Leon is pretty damn cool and there’s Luc Bessons ‘La Femme Nikita’ which also that chic kicked some serious ass.  Hubzand points out they’re both Luc Besson characters and I realise I haven’t given this enough thought.  I mean do I want to be a Luc Besson Assassin, an ordinary American Assassin, or like a serious Japanese Ninja or a rogue Ninja – take that Ninja training and run.  He counters that Ninjas in todays popular culture aren’t based on any fact and while Assassins might not be as glamourous as they’re often portrayed, the potential to actually be one exists.  So maybe he has me there.  However for those desperate enough the opportunity remains to become a Ninja Assassin.  And so the debate is left, hanging awkwardly in the air.

Too much wine has been drunk.  Too many movies have been watched and too many childhood dreams could be destroyed if the ‘debate’ turns into a ‘dispute’ or ‘argument’.  But seriously which would you rather be? A Ninja or an Assassin?