Zombie Attack, Met a Boy, Have a Cure!

hi mum hi dad

Hi mum hi dad,

Hope you’re both well, love to nan.  I just thought i’d let you know i’m ok and send you this lovely photo.

I‘ve made it black and white, its much nicer in black and white, you cant see all the blood.  Anyways with all the zombies and all its made me a bit more introspective, i’m not going out as much, which i know will make mum feel better.  No need to worry, no more nightclubs for me! 

I’m doing quite well actually.  I’ve met this bloke, he seems quite nice, a scientist and non zombie, he’s got something called Narvic B, he thinks it might be a cure, he’s quite excited about it.  Anyways enough from me love you lots, have a cup of tea for me.  Kisses.

(This is best when read in english accent or more specifically as ‘Liz’ or Kate Ashfield in Shaun of the Dead)