Recently Fired? Make Life Awesome With Loungewear!


So I’ve been learning about loungewear from infomercials at 3 in the morning.  I’ve learned that ‘loungewear’ is how rich people say pajamas.  Specifically day pajamas.  You wear it in the house while you lounge around being rich and drinking champagne.  The only colours for loungwear seemed to be lilac (gag), silver (but called something way more complicated like silver frost, or sparkle) and gold (pronounced champagne).

Having recently been fired (see my clip here) and too lazy to get dressed to sit on my couch all day, I had been struggling with what to wear.  Did I now split my pajamas into two classes?  Day pajamas and night pajamas and if so how does one make the distinction?  It was a big dilemma.  One I couldn’t solve with the amount of pajamas I already had.  I began a journey to find appropriate loungewear.  It started and ended at K-mart of course they don’t bother with loungwear and its limited styles and colours.  They go all out with aisles of pajamas for us normal folks to watch tv in, spill crumbs on and wipe tears up with, while drinking too much and wailing about dreams that will never be…  So anyways I successfully bought this classy and sophisticated looking loungewear that is totally appropriate for someone my age.  (It’s really not, i’m old, find out how old by watching my clip above)