When Someone Sees my Profile Pic and Hits on Me

OMG I would love to hook up with you!

Sending you a cute pic of how I look after the accident.

Call Me 😉

When Someone Sees my Profile Pic and Hits on Me

Business Motivational

I created a book of business quotes and advice for a friend.  This is mine, for some reason there wasn’t already a quote about giving your receptionist champagne.  Shame on you business people for your lack of insight and vision.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.15.53 am


I Created a Motivational Book for a Friend


Photo Retouching Practice

I feel like i’m really improving I can even colour in hair now, this will save me a fortune in hair dye not to mention time saved and less chemical burns.

pinkhaird photo edit

My Very First Comedy Performance

Sorry about the sound, it was filmed on an ipad up the back of the room by a friend.